Sunday, April 22, 2012


Okay, then.  So it's been about THREE FREAKIN' YEARS since I posted on here.  I'm going to try to post a bit more regularly.  "Try" being the operative word.

I do have some things finished, mostly from my own patterns (how cool is that?!).  Just about everything I've made lately has gone to my Etsy shop, which can be found here: The Crafty Dragon's Lair.  I also have a Facebook page for it ('cause, y'know, the idea is to get my stuff seen by as many people as possible, right?), which is here: Same name as the shop (didn't want to type it again, lol).  Meanwhile, to (hopefully) whet your appetite, I'll post some pictures below:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Trinity Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

Okay, I know that's not a very original name, but I can't think of anything more clever at the moment. When (if) I do, I'll change it. Picture to (hopefully) come soon!

Also, you're more than welcome to make these to sell. However, please don't post the pattern anywhere--post a link to this page instead. Thanks!

Trinity Stitch Dishcloth Pattern (c) Shawna Willoughby

Notes: This pattern has not been tested. Also, bear in mind that I'm left-handed, so I might possibly have some things backwards. (I'm primarily thinking of the edging here) If you have any problems, feel free to contact me.

ww cotton yarn, approx. 1 oz.
crochet hook, size H (5.0 mm)
yarn needle

Special stitches used:
Trinity stitch (TS): Insert hook in previous ch or st, pull up a loop, (insert hook in next ch or st and pull up a loop) twice, YO and pull through all four loops on hook.

Half-double crochet (HDC): YO, insert hook in next st, pull up a loop, YO and pull through all three loops on hook.

ch 26
Row 1: SC in second ch from hook, insert hook in same ch and pull up a loop, (insert hook in next ch and pull up a loop) twice, YO and pull through all four loops on hook (TS made), *ch 1, work TS* Rep. from * to * across. SC in last ch. Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: SC in first SC. Work TS. *Ch 1, TS* Rep. from * to * across. SC in last SC. Ch 2, turn. (Ch 2 counts as first HDC)

Row 3: HDC in next st, and in each st across (25 HDC). Ch 2, turn.

Row 4: HDC in each st across. Ch 1, turn.

Row 5-26: Rep. rows 1-4. At end of row 26, ch 1, do not turn.

Edging: 3 SC in last SC of row 26, SC evenly along side, 3 SC in 1st ch, SC in ea ch across, 3 SC in last ch, SC evenly along side, 3 SC in 1st SC of row 26, SC in ea st across. Join with slip stitch to first SC. Finish off and weave in ends.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


These are some of the things I've been making lately. At the time their mug shots were taken, most of them were still eyeless. That is no longer the case, although I have no evidence at this time to prove otherwise. That will be remedied in my next post, since I'll take new pics before they get mailed off. Oh, I should mention that they are (now very late) Christmas presents!

The whole gang:

The happy couple (aren't they sweet?)

The start of my tiny army (also known as the brothers Grim):

Last, but not least, one tough chick:

Anyhow, there they are. I need to get some other pics of the other things I made, but I'm currently in the middle of a move, so there just isn't a lot of time for anything else. Keep checking back--I promise there will be more here soon!

*Dragony hugs*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Feature...

Okay, apparently I'm a glutton for punishment, as I have added a new feature to this blog. If you look to the right, under the blog list, you will see a Christmas Countdown calendar. Just in case you need reminding of just how soon the season will be upon us! : ) I'm not sure that I need the reminding...then again, with my track record so far...maybe I do! lol I was going to put this on my regular blog, but it would be so far down the page, no one would ever see it. Meh, don't know how many folks will see it on here, but it's fun to have anyhow.

On a crochet note, I currently have on my hooks: the first sock of my first pair of socks ever, a thread stole that was supposed to be done last June, and several pairs of fingerless gloves. Those last are actually a combination of WIP, WIM, and FO, since I have a pair I need to put the edging on, several pairs I want to give as gifts, and one pair actually finished. Also, as WIMs I want to make some critters from the book Creepy Cute Crochet...I'll find the link later and edit this post to add it.

Currently I cannot take pictures of my projects, as my awesome camera got sat on, or something, and the LCD screen got broken. Fortunately, we had a one-year, no-fault warranty, so we were able to get our money back (couldn't replace, as the camera was a discontinued model), and now we just have to save our money to get the upgrade. *sigh*

All right, I'm off for the night. Hope y'all have a good one! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baby blanket...

I didn't manage to take a picture of the baby blanket I made for Neo's son, but he took one for me and sent it so I could post it here. (Thanks, Neo!) I think it turned out pretty good, even if it isn't quite straight. (I always seem to have that problem....) Anyhow, you should be able to click on it to get a closer look at it.

I really need to start getting more pictures of the stuff I make. With the new camera, I can! Woohoo! : ) (Yes, I know, I"m easily
That's all I have for today. Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FOs! Hooray!

Okay, I know it's been a while, but I do have two FOs!

The present I was making for my friend Neo is done! And in case he reads this before I send it to him, I can't say what it is yet or post a pic. But I can say that it is blue and green and very soft! : )

Also, the blanket I made for my sis-in-law got finished in time for the baby's baptism reception thingy. SIL loved it! It's white, pink, and purple, and done in a ripple pattern. Sadly, no pics of that one either. I'll have to fix that.

Now I've just got to get going on the other ones! Later folks!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crochet WIPs...and WIMs, too...

That's Works In Progress, folks! : )
Okay, so far I have a baby blanket almost done for my sister-in-law's new baby (who was born on 4/25, so I'm a bit late, but to be fair she wasn't due until 5/4--crap, that means I'm still late getting it done...sigh), a project for another friend (hi Neo!) whose wife is due to have a baby soon (better get in gear on that one!), a stole for my daughter's high school graduation (only almost a year late...bigger sigh), and a couple of afghans for me. Those last two are my projects for when I'm not trying to make gifts, so there's no deadlines on those.

WIMs (Works In Mind) include some mesh shopping bags (or string bags, I guess they're called), fingerless gloves, kerchiefs for my oldest daughter Rachele, a blanket for her baby, and maybe some socks if I can find a pattern I like. Also some facecloths for my upstairs bathroom.

And I have some UFOs (UnFinished Objects) as well, but there are too many for me to list right now.

My most recent FO (opposite of a UFO) is a dress that I made for my granddaughter Iris (Rachele's daughter). Hopefully there will be more soon! : )

Okay, that's it for now. Just thought I'd check in and add to this a bit. Have a good one!